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Hexacopter top picks

With so many hexacopters on the market to choose from, we've narrowed it down to the best: Here are our top hexacopter recommendations based on: Quality, price, durability, service & support, customer feedback, and availability

DJI Flame Wheel 550 HexacopterDJI Flame Wheel 550
Price: $549.99
DJI Flame Wheel 550 Lite Hexacopter
DJI Flame Wheel 550 Lite
Price: $465.00
DJI Flame Wheel 550 Ready-to-Fly Hexacopter
DJI Flame Wheel 550 RTF
Price: $1349.99

What else do I need to start flying my hexacopter?

If you're new to hexacopters or RC aircraft, you're probably going to need to purchase some battery packs, a reciever, and, depending on your model, a camera mount or GPS module. If you'd like to speak with a hexacopter expert to make sure you get the right accessories, scroll down to the "Ask an Expert" section.

DJI Spreading Wings s900 hexacopter
DJI Spreading Wings s900

Price: $1400.99
DJI Spreading Wings s900 WKM hexacopter
DJI Spreading Wings s900 WKM
Price: $1800.99
DJI Spreading Wings s900 A2Z hexacopter with A2 and Zen Muse
DJI Spreading Wings s900 A2Z
Price: $3800.00


If you're interested in purchasing a hexacopter, need advice, or have an urgent question, text me your info, and I'll get back to you in a jiffy!
I'm available for questions most days from about 9AM to 6PM EST. If your in the North Georgia area, swing by the shop for a live hexacopter demonstration!

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Hexacopter FAQs:
what is a hexacopter

What exactly is a hexacopter anyway?

A hexacopter is a radio controlled flying machine similar to a helicopter but the hexacopter has six rotors mounted in an array instead of one and unlike the helicopter, is does not have a rudder. The hexicopter maneuvers by throttling each rotor separately. Having multiple pairs of blades or rotors greatly improves a hexacopter's stability (due to counter-rotation) and lift/power distribution. There is also the added benefit of redundancy should a blade or rotor fail.

hexacopter vs quad or octocopter

Why fly a hexacopter and not a quad or octocopter?

Quadcopters (4 rotors) are typically smaller and less expensive than hexacopters, but don't have as much lifting power or failsafe rendundancy. Octocopters (8 rotors) have even greater power and stability than the hexacopter, but are naturally larger and more expensive. The Hexacopter provides a good balance of price and performance for most photography applications.

things a hexacopter can do

OK, so what can a hexacopter do?

Sky's the limit... LITERALLY! Most people use hexacopters for some form of aerial photography, but you are limited only by your imagination and your hexacopter's payload and battery capacity. It can hover like a UFO, zoom like a plane in any direction, and, if outfitted with GPS module, fly autonomously to one or several GPS coordinates then fly itself home. If you retro-fit your hexacopter with a high-quality camera and gimbal, you can get some stunning footage that would normally be too dangerous or expensive to capture.

the hexacopter is fun and easy to fly

Is a hexacopter easy to fly?

YES! Because of the advanced onboard electronics, the hexacopter is very fun and easy to fly, it practically flies itself... NO KIDDING! The hexacopter is an excellent choice for beginners and pros! You control where you want the hexacopter to fly, but it is self stabilizing so if you let go of the controls, it will hover and wait for your input. You can even add a GPS module to your hexacopter enabling fully automated fail-safe and flight routines.

Bonus: some creative ways to use a hexacopter...

local aerial photography:
- take satellite/birdseye photos of your large property, building, bridge, or structure
- do home/building inspections of high and hard to reach areas including roofing, siding, chimneys, etc.
- shoot captivating and memorable video flyovers at special events such as, weddings, golf, parties, etc.
- gather intel from a distance in risky situations such as fire, collasped structure, explosives, gunfire, etc.
- get amazing camera angles without erecting a massive boom or hiring an expensive heli and pilot

remote aerial photography:
- take photos or video of a property, building, bridge or structure at any given GPS coordinate within range of your equipment
- gather intel remotely from up to several miles away(depending on your equipment).
- aerial surveillance along GPS coordinate path

spectacular advertizing - slowly flying a promotional banner in front of a crowd
manned flight - man in germany rode aboard his large RC decahexacopter
If you would like to add your ideas to this list, contact us!