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Multi-rotor Drone top picks

With so many multi-rotor drones on the market to choose from, we've narrowed it down to the best: Here are our top multi-rotor drone recommendations based on: Quality, price, durability, service & support, customer feedback, and availability

DJI Mavic Pro Multi-rotor DroneDJI Mavic Pro Drone
Price: $998.00
DJI Phantom 4 Multi-rotor Drone
DJI Phantom 4 Drone
Price: $998.00
DJI Inspire 1 Pro Multi-rotor Drone
DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone
Price: $1349.99

What else do I need to start flying my multi-rotor drone?

If you're new to multi-rotor drone or RC aircraft, you're probably going to need to purchase some battery packs, a reciever, and, depending on your model, a camera mount or GPS module. If you'd like to speak with a multi-rotor drone expert to make sure you get the right accessories, scroll down to the "Ask an Expert" section.

DJI Spreading Wings s900 multi-rotor drone
DJI Spreading Wings s900

Price: $1100.99
DJI Spreading Wings s900 WKM multi-rotor drone
DJI Spreading Wings s900 WKM
Price: $1800.99
DJI Spreading Wings s900 A2Z multi-rotor drone with A2 and Zen Muse
DJI Spreading Wings s900 A2Z
Price: $3800.00


If you're interested in purchasing a multi-rotor drone, need advice, or have an urgent question, text me your info, and I'll get back to you in a jiffy!
I'm available for questions most days from about 9AM to 6PM EST. If your in the North Georgia area, swing by the shop for a live multi-rotor drone demonstration!

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Multi-rotor Drone FAQs:
what is a multi-rotor drone

What exactly is a multi-rotor drone anyway?

A multi-rotor drone is a radio controlled flying machine similar to a helicopter but the multi-rotor drone has multiple rotors mounted in an array instead of one and unlike the helicopter, is does not have a rudder. The multi-rotor drone maneuvers by throttling each rotor separately. Having multiple pairs of blades or rotors greatly improves a multi-rotor drone's stability (due to counter-rotation) and lift/power distribution. There is also the added benefit of redundancy should a blade or rotor fail.

multi-rotor drone vs quad or octocopter

Why fly a multi-rotor drone and not a helicopter?

Quadcopters (4 rotors) are typically the smallest and least expensive of the multi-rotor drones, but don't have as much lifting power or failsafe rendundancy as larger hexcopter or octocopters. Octocopters (8 rotors) have the greates power and stability of the multi-rotor drones, but are naturally larger and more expensive. The Multi-rotor Drone provides a good balance of price and performance for most photography applications over a full sized helicopter.

things a multi-rotor drone can do

OK, so what can a multi-rotor drone do?

Sky's the limit... LITERALLY! Most people use multi-rotor drones for some form of aerial photography, but you are limited only by your imagination and your multi-rotor drone's payload and battery capacity. It can hover like a UFO, zoom like a plane in any direction, and, if outfitted with GPS module, fly autonomously to one or several GPS coordinates then fly itself home. If you retro-fit your multi-rotor drone with a high-quality camera and gimbal, you can get some stunning footage that would normally be too dangerous or expensive to capture.

the multi-rotor drone is fun and easy to fly

Is a multi-rotor drone easy to fly?

YES! Because of the advanced onboard electronics, the multi-rotor drone is very fun and easy to fly, it practically flies itself... NO KIDDING! The multi-rotor drone is an excellent choice for beginners and pros! You control where you want the multi-rotor drone to fly, but it is self stabilizing so if you let go of the controls, it will hover and wait for your input. You can even add a GPS module to your multi-rotor drone enabling fully automated fail-safe and flight routines.

Bonus: some creative ways to use a multi-rotor drone...

local aerial photography:
- take satellite/birdseye photos of your large property, building, bridge, or structure
- do home/building inspections of high and hard to reach areas including roofing, siding, chimneys, etc.
- shoot captivating and memorable video flyovers at special events such as, weddings, golf, parties, etc.
- gather intel from a distance in risky situations such as fire, collasped structure, explosives, gunfire, etc.
- get amazing camera angles without erecting a massive boom or hiring an expensive heli and pilot

remote aerial photography:
- take photos or video of a property, building, bridge or structure at any given GPS coordinate within range of your equipment
- gather intel remotely from up to several miles away(depending on your equipment).
- aerial surveillance along GPS coordinate path

spectacular advertizing - slowly flying a promotional banner in front of a crowd
manned flight - man in germany rode aboard his large RC decacopter
If you would like to add your ideas to this list, contact us!